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LOVE GHOST: A fusion of “Veneno” and emo-trap-rock (INTERVIEW)


Emo trap rock has experienced a notable rise in popularity in recent years. This fusion of musical genres combines elements of emo, trap and rock, attracting a diverse audience. Artists like Lil Peep and Juice WRLD pushed this style forward, capturing intense emotions and deep lyrics in their songs, which resonated with fans. The honest and authentic appeal of emo trap rock has generated waves in the contemporary music industry. And as part of this boom proposals such as Love Ghost (our guests today) are born, who are undoubtedly at the head of the new generation of this musical genre.

Love Ghost, formed in Los Angeles and composed of Finnegan Bell, Ryan Stevens, Daniel Alcala, Cory Batchler and Danielle Gallardo. They have taken the Emo-Trap Rock industry by storm, fusing live guitars, bass and drums with 808 trap rhythms and electronic elements. Their sound sits in a space between raw grunge and underground hip-hop, characterized by emotional delivery, expansive harmonies, and serious musicianship.

They recently released their new single entitled “Veneno”, worked in collaboration with the Mexican rapper Blnko, and which results in a captivating song with notable alternative features, which alternates between sentimentality and malice. A song about which the same leader and vocalist of the band Finnegan Bell, tells us more details in the following exclusive interview for Global-Pop Magazine.

Thanks for the kind words, I think that music should be limitless. At its basic form art is an expression of your feelings and fueled by your imagination and there’s no limit to your imagination… The goal should be to create something that can’t be quantifiable. Right now I’m just making music that inspires me. I feel like in creating a personality you need to take different puzzle pieces to create an amalgamation that suits you the best. Sometimes you have to be a nerd and sometimes you have to be a gangster. So I really just draw on those different experiences and themes to make what I call “Love Ghost”.

Love Ghost within itself is a juxtaposition. Both Love and the afterlife. Both can give you a purpose and both can haunt you until the end.  As far as my creative process goes, I honestly just let god into the room. Or “the universe”, whatever you want to call it really… Basically what I’m saying is that  I go with whatever comes to me first and I let it lead me. That’s the easiest process for me and the work that I’m most proud of was made under those conditions. 

Yeah, recognition is always good. It shows you that you’re on the right path and that people are paying attention. I just hope it keeps on growing and reaches the right ears. And growth is good, but it also causes interpersonal complications. Which can be confusing to deal with. But overall I’m blessed and grateful for it.

Yeah, it’s always good to travel and if it’s for music that’s even more lit.  It influences our evolution because we expand our network and our writing experiences to draw from. This last trip to Mexico was very fruitful. The last song that we released came out on Virgin Records mexico. Working with them was a great experience.


Yeah, I met Blnko at a party in CDMX, and we pretty much just instantly clicked. We have a similar sense of humor. The song came together almost effortlessly. The video was a lot of fun to film also. Working with Saga was great, he’s professional and works really fast. There’s more Love Ghost songs produced by him on the way.

It’s definitely consolidated. There’s heavy weights doing this type of music, such as Post Malone or The Weeknd. Their most is more mainstream, but it still has elements of both emo and trap in it. As long as the ingredients are there I think it falls under this umbrella.

Thanks so much for reading, I hope you have a great day! 🙂 – Love Ghost





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